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GTD & Goal Setting for the New Year



I have been knee-deep in setting goals for this year.   Let's be honest, they aren't lofty goals -- I have 3 under 6 years old including a baby. Without well-written goals that have an end and get me closer to what I want out of life, I won't get anywhere-- I'll just be treading water.  While there are a lot of things I would LIKE to do, I can't do them all this coming year.  GTD has a great system for goal setting with the end goal of actually making progress on those goals. I'm not going to go into Mission Statements and 20 year goals today.    Instead we are going to be a little closer to home & a little more practical.

1-2 Year Goals

First come up with some 1-2 year goals.   Is there an area of your business you've been neglecting that you really want to get on top of?   Set some goals to get on top of that!    Maybe you want to do some marketing.   Make some goals about that.   Or maybe you want to increase sales or revenue.   Or perhaps hire someone to help with something that would enable you to run your business better?

Areas of Responsibility

As a business owner, you have many areas of responsibility:

  • sales
  • marketing
  • company management
  • HR
  • accounting
  • technology/IT
  • customer service/management

I would set at least one goal in each of these areas in order to have a well-rounded business plan for the year.   This doesn't mean that YOU need to execute the goal.  It could be as simple as hiring someone to take care of your social media for 1-3 hours a week. As a lawyer, you may need to take care of CLE's or want to learn more about an area you would like to specialize in.   A doctor may want to concentrate CME's or start a blog for the practice.  Consider the scope of what you do, as well as what you SHOULD be doing and make some sort of goal to further your business in each area.

Current Projects

Once you have your 1-2 year goals and goals that cover all the areas of responsibility, start breaking those up into current projects.   If you have more than you can conceivably work on at once, divide them out and schedule them out over all of the next year.   When doing your weekly review and planning, add tasks that work on your current projects.  


Do you regularly set goals?    


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