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Grit and Success


I found this article and the enclosed video to be very fascinating. The people who get stuff done, who do great things are a treasure for our society. Learning about the traits that make people accomplish great things is extremely important for societies further growth. This article touched a nerve with me. I'm not sure how intelligent I am. I'm thinking I'm rather on the low end, but this article and the research demonstrates that intelligence isn't everything.   Angela Lee Duckworth has been studying what makes great people and she says that one of the major ingredients is what she calls 'Grit.' Grit, or the ability to determinedly progress toward a goal, to not stop, not get sidetracked, but over extended period of time focus, is where greatness comes from. She says it takes 10 years of this singular focus to achieve true world class greatness.   I've been running my business for 10 years, but focus is not a word I would use to describe how I've gone about running this business! Stubbornly continuing on despite my shortcomings? Yeah that's me. Gritty focus on excellence? Not so much. I'm learning though, and feel I'll get there...someday. What most people do in 10, might take me 20! But I see the goal and am striving!   Read more at forbes -  




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