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Getting an Online Presence for Your Small Business - Part II


Getting an Online Presence for Your Small Business - Part II

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A few weeks ago, we looked at ways to get your small business online via a website, Facebook and Twitter and I promised to share a little about Pinterest, FourSquare and online business listings.

1.  Pinterest

Pinterest, if you've never been to it, is like a cross between a visual bookmark list and a bulletin board of awesome visually oriented ideas.   It is huge with women and mom bloggers.    If you are a business that sells super cute or useful items, Pinterest could be huge for you!   In order to make Pinterest work for you, open an account and pin items that would be useful to your client base.   For instance, if you are a hair dresser, create boards for favorite products, industry information, conferences, hair styles you have done, etc.   Not only can you use Pinterest to connect to your customer by providing and sharing valuable information for them, but you can also connect with other professionals in your industry or related industries.

2.  FourSquare

FourSquare is a web/mobile application that allows people to "check-in" at venues and connect with friends.  If you are a business that caters to consumers or has a lot of walk-in traffic, this could be a great place to be.    You can offer specials to people for checking in for the first time, loyal customers and even for the Mayor (the person who checks-in the most in a certain period of time).   If you have a top-notch product or service, you can be easily found in the search by people looking for a brewery or coffee (or whatever you do well) in the area.

3.   Local Listings Online

If you do a search for your business name and city in Google, odds are you will find your website as well as a TON of business listing sites.  When we moved our offices last year, I honestly spent HOURS and went to over 6 pages of results to make sure our listing was updated on every single one of them.   If your business has been around for a while, you are probably listed on these sites already.   You will generally need to claim your listing and depending on how much you care, you can do them all, pick a handful, or even pay a company to update them all.   If it's near the bottom of your to-do list, or you don't get much walk-in traffic, I would start with your Google business listing and Yelp. So these are three more ways that you can create an online presence for your small business?   Do you have a favorite?  Or one I haven't mentioned?   Share it in the comments; we'd love to hear from you!  



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