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Disaster Planning - Analog Style


disaster-planning-business-continuity   If you are anything like most people, you don't even have a physical phone book floating around your office.  Why would you need it?   As a popular Facebook image shared, we have "the knowledge of the world in our pockets."   While you may or may not use it to look at cats and annoy people, I'm sure you use it to look up phone numbers you don't use regularly and probably store ones you use all the time.   But if the disaster hits your general area and not just your business, having a printed copy of important information is key.   Here are three pieces of vital information to keep in your printed document.

Key Contacts

Have names, phone numbers, and even addresses for key contacts in your business.    This could be suppliers, large customers, bankers, your insurance company or anyone else who has a large stake in your business and could help get it back on track.

Essential Vendors -- Plan B

Essential vendor information would be good to have handy as well.   Your phone company would be necessary for new phones, moving service, changing messages, etc.   Perhaps your office supply vendor to get new desks; your computer guy, to have new computers shipped.   If you have any suppliers who are local and are also affected, have some Plan B vendors -- those you can supply you with whatever you need while your regular suppliers are in the same boat as you are.

Insurance Information

Hopefully, you have insurance to cover property, equipment and such.  If you don't, you should.  If you do, you need to know your policy numbers and other vital information in order to be able to make your claims.   Be sure to also include the company's phone number and your insurance agents information as well.   Read all the posts in the Disaster Planning & Business Continuity series.   Who else should be included in your printed version of your business continuity plan?  




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