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Defending Your Network


Defending against a brand-new attack like Cryptolocker can seem nearly impossible; however, with good data maintenance, Cryptolocker and other ransomware attacks could be little more than a slight inconvenience that your IT team or partner needs to take care of. Data maintenance consists of having up-to-date backups, data segregation, and proper permissions applied per user.

The Importance of Good Backups

The best defense of any of these is up-to-date backups. Your ability to recover is only as good as the data that is in your most recent backup. Without proper backups you may be looking at weeks, or even months of data destroyed during one attack.

Utilizing Data Segregation

Data segregation is a method where subsets of data are kept separate from other subsets. Ransomware attacks attempt to encrypt all data that the infected computer currently has access to. Any USB drives, internal hard drives, and any mapped drives that are connected to the computer when it becomes infected can all be held for ransom if an attack occurs.

Implementing the Principal of Least Privilege (PoLP)

By employing the principal of least privilege, it is possible to effectively limit the amount of data ransomware like Cryptolocker can access. The principal of least privilege is the act of assigning the least possible access and permissions to users based on what they need to effectively perform their job.

In many cases, providing users with less rights than necessary for their work is better as you can always evaluate whether users need to have specific access on a case-by-case basis. This allows the network to be more secure, while still allowing administrators the ability to expand user rights as needed. Utilizing this method allows administrators to determine exactly what rights users need without providing users with too many rights.

Protecting Your Computer Against Cryptolocker

If you feel that your computer has been infected, are worried that it may become infected or would like to learn more about how effective backups can help protect your network, email or call ACS 877-404-8224 and learn how we can help protect your computer and network against Cryptolocker.




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