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(0 comments) Last month, I shared with you a view of my favorite personal productivity book - Getting Things Done.    Prior to sharing that book with you, I had decided to get back on the full GTD bandwagon -- reviews and all.   I just had TOO MUCH to do and keep track of and things were falling through the cracks.  I tend to work everywhere and anywhere I find a few spare moments, leaving me with quite the problem.  

I needed a cross platform GTD app since I switch between an Android tablet, my iPhone 4S, and my laptop depending on where I was and what I was doing.   I was quite tickled when I stumbled across DoIt.Im. DoIt.Im covers both major tablet/smartphone OS's -- IOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android.  In addition, it has a web interface which allows you to work from any computer with internet access.    While every feature does not work 100% on every device, you can do most of it and fine tune it later on your main computer or desktop.  I've put in 100's of tasks and projects so far and I've never been to limited to be effective (I primarily use my iPhone though I do have an Android tablet as well).


 DoIt.Im enables you to Collect your thoughts in two ways.  The longer, more involved way for when you have 2 minutes to fully process it and a super short way for when you would otherwise scribble a cryptic note on a sticky so you don't forget.   It's extremely simple to process and organize your thoughts and you can do it with very little thinking about your system.  You can really just jump right in.


 DoIt.Im also allows you to review your tasks easily, both in projects, scheduled items, and even someday dreams.  In addition, you can also check to see how well you do at clearing your to-do's on a daily and weekly basis.   It's great for keeping track of what feel like not so productive days, even though you've worked non-stop.    And finally, you can group your tasks based on project, context or time so that you can pick what you have the time and energy to do next knowing that nothing has fallen off of your radar. They do offer a 30-day trial of PRO, which is available for the bargain price of $20/year.  Yep, $20 a YEAR.  

My productivity has tremendously increased since I started using DoIt.Im.  Not only am I getting essentials completed, but I'm getting extra projects completed as well.   That alone is priceless since we are welcoming a new member of the family in June and I'd like to get a little ahead!   So, if you are looking to increase your productivity and are wanting a super easy way to do it, check out DoIt.Im.    They don't have an affiliate/referral program and haven't given me anything they won't give you.  I just love their app and had to share it with you.

How do you GTD?  

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