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Computer Peripherals for Your New Office


my desk (monitor and peripherals side) Before you consider things like furniture for your new office, you first need to think about what computer peripherals are needed for your employees and how they will be working.


The most important one to think about is how many printers you need.  Can everyone use 1 (or more) centrally located printers?    Is there someone doing special work that requires more than your basic black and white?    A photo printer or a color laser printer?    How many other people will need it?    Should it sit at their desk or be accessible to all?    Knowing the answer to questions like these will help your consultant find the best equipment to meet your needs.


This may seem silly coming from printers to scanners but I've never seen a COMPLETELY paperless office.   Someone always needs something printed or mailed.   Will you try to scan as much as possible for easy access by your employees?    Who needs those scanners?   All your paralegals?   Do the lawyers need them?   How about the front office staff?   Salespeople?    Figure out how much scanning your employees will be doing and who will be in charge of it.


Since most cameras are pretty small, it might be a silly thing to think about at this point, but also consider if you have any employees who give webinars or frequently do video chats or conferences.   They may need a camera and/or microphone.

Extra Devices

Depending on your industry, there may be specialized input devices.   For example, many graphic artists have a tablet that allows them to draw on the pad and have it show up on the screen.  I couldn't imagine trying to draw cartoons or art with a mouse!   Things like microphones and possible other equipment to make computers more accessible could be necessary as well and may take up space.   Think about anyone you have that has something special/unusual and consider whether it is necessary and if anyone else could benefit by having one.  

Bonus: Shredders

While these aren't computer peripherals, they may need to be near an employees desk.  Once you print the page or scan pages that come in, typically you want to shred them for additional security of your (and your customers!) private information!    How much shredding do you currently do?    Will you need several large shredders?   If you have a LOT it could be more cost effective to have a document shredding service.    

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