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Business tip- Using professionals


Today, we’re talking business and how I like to run my business. Everybody is different, but I kind of think that I’ve got a pretty good system and 15 years in development. We at ACS utilize professionals for anything we can and everything we can.




So, specifically I want to talk about CPA. I aggressively utilize a CPA for many decisions including; doing my taxes and they do our book keeping. Basically, I have them on a retainer so I can ask them questions anytime I want about anything I want. I have a girl that does our accounts payable, accounts receivable and she works in QuickBooks. If she ever has a question about how to do something, I have an expert at my disposal come in, to either help her, show her and train her.


So, at 15 years of experience, I’m going to tell you, get a CPA, get him on a retainer, get a good one and get a modern CPA. Get a guy who knows how to use the Internet, who knows how to access your QuickBooks remotely and who is not having you email files to him or coming on and say any nonsense like that.


If you want, I’ll give you the name of my CPA, he is fantastic and he can be helpful at anywhere in the country and that’s how modern he is and that’s how advanced his practice is. And, so hire a CPA, get your attorney involved and talk to your attorney. I actually don’t utilize my attorney enough and just every week, I meet with the attorney in my business networking group and every week he has got something I need to think about.


So, I’m now getting ready to set up just a periodic with my attorney so I can make sure I’m protecting my business and as it grows it’s valuable and well-protected. So, a couple of things: how to run your business and how I run my business, all of that, you to learn over the years. I hope this helps.


My name is Albert Steed with Advanced Computer Solutions. Thanks for listening!




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