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Browser Privacy Settings: Protecting Your Data


Setting Your Browser Security Settings

While privacy is a priority for many browser users, the default settings in your browser may not go as far as you’d hope in a world where the ad industry trackers rule the web.

So, how do you protect yourself when browsing information is a hot commodity? Here are a few tips and tricks for the top browsers.

Google Chrome Browser Settings

We’ll be honest. While Chrome provides extensive and accurate search results, houses many features, and is generally the world’s most popular browser, it is lacking in the privacy department. While their engineers are in the works of creating more privacy options, they are currently limited.

Your best options are to block third-party cookies through the settings. Go to privacy and security, and then click cookies and other site data to make this change.

We also suggest disabling browser location tracking, autocomplete features, and password autofills to play it safe with your important data.

Safari: Browser Security Settings

This browser is a tad bit safer than Google Chrome with the Intelligent Tracking Prevention tool. This allows you to see what trackers are on every individual site you visit. To check that blocking is on, open preferences, privacy, and then check the Prevent cross-site tracking box.

You can also manually delete cookies by clicking remove next to any individual trackers or by clicking remove all.

Security Settings in Firefox

Firefox offers more options for privacy than most. While search results may not be as in-depth as Chrome, there is less need for extensions. To access these options, go to preferences, Privacy & Security, and then choose between your options of standard, strict, and custom.

Setting Your Browser Security Settings

Simple changes and the right tools can help you prevent time and financial loss. Want more info on how you can prevent disaster? Reach out to ACS to keep your systems safe and we’ll make the process smooth and seamless.




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