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BBC declares “Huge spam and malware network goes offline” what does that mean for us?


It doesn’t mean much. The article (click here to read) lets us know that the “Necurs botnet” has gone silent. This particular botnet happened to be distributing the worst kind of virus, Trojans and ransomware. The botnet actually went silent for about 3 weeks. Then it came back, with a vengeance (click here for the update)!

After its disappearance the botnet fired back up again, with a new variant of the “Locky” virus. This means another round of ransomware for us at ACS to deal with.

As I’ve been talking to my clients during our review meetings, I’ve been struck by the changing landscape as it relates to viruses, and business security. Five years ago our virus discussions revolved mostly around “Why is my computer trying to sell enlargement pills to my coworkers???” Now that coworker is asking “Why did your computer encrypt all of my most important files so I can’t do any work???” This change is real, and it is dangerous to your business.

If you are not monitoring the security of your business technology, if you don’t have proper backups, your business is in danger. Even the little guys with 1 computer are under attack.




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