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Backups: A Last Line of Defense Against Data Loss

Recently we wrote about the Cryptolockers and measures that can be taken to avoid becoming the victim of one of these damaging attacks. We get that sometimes things happen regardless of how careful you are. Whether it be due to an honest mistake, or other circumstances outside of your control, you may still find that your business is facing the possibility of major data loss due to threats like Cryptolocker. It’s times like these where a good backup could really save the day.

What Can Backups Do For Me?

Effective backups can help mitigate the damage done from any number of situations where data loss can occur. In their simplest form, what a backup does is take a copy of your data and store it elsewhere. When you need to recover lost data, files, folders, or even an entire computer worth of data can be copied from the last backup performed. Needless to say, this can save tons of time and money when compared to starting from scratch.

What Are My Backup Options?

There are several different types of backups to consider when finding the solution that is right for your business. The two main backup solutions you'll see are local backups, and remote backups. We will talk about the differences between the two in our next blog, but the one we always recommend to our clients is remote backups. This securely stores your data in the cloud and is the best way to ensure that your data will be safe, no matter what happens to your computer.

You can call ACS at 877-404-8224 or email us for more information on backups, and look forward to the next blog post, which will provide more information about backups and what they can do for you.


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