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Attacking Small Businesses


A recent study of 592 U.S. companies found that 76% of them had experienced a cyberattack over the course of the last year. This number was up considerably from the 63% that reported an attack in 2017.

The most common forms of attack were phishing and social engineering scams that were cited by 57% of the companies surveyed. The most common form of these types of attacks involves sending emails to users within a company using emails that look like they come from a legitimate site and attempt to get visitors to click on links within the email. When these links are clicked, malicious software is downloaded onto the user's device. 44% of companies reported as attack that came from a website.

While these attacks are directed to companies of all sizes, often, smaller companies are targeted. The reason that these smaller companies are targeted is that they often do not have the staff, or top-of-the-line software solutions designed to monitor their systems and defend against attacks.

In fact, over half of the companies in the survey stated that money was an issue that was preventing them from meeting their cybersecurity needs.

Along those lines, for many smaller businesses, mobile devices have become an increasingly important part of doing business. However, the adaptation of these devices has also led to increases weaknesses in the cybersecurity within their company.

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