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Does the thought of running back to the office ruin your vacation before it starts?

With ACS Remote Access, you’ll finally have the peace of mind you deserve during your long-awaited vacay! And even if work can’t wait, you’ll be able to log in safely from anywhere in the world rather than dropping everything for ...

Where Would Your Business Be If All Your Files Were Gone Overnight?

You’ll never have to find out if you stop storing files on your desktop and back them up on the Cloud instead.  

Understanding the Different USB Types

When we think of a USB, we often think of the standard rectangle that must be flipped around half a dozen times before we get it right side in. It’s been the industry standard for years, but did you know ...

Browser Privacy Settings: Protecting Your Data

Setting Your Browser Security Settings

While privacy is a priority for many browser users, the default settings in your browser may not go as far as you’d hope in a world where the ad industry trackers rule the web.

Corona and Connection Speeds

Over the past week, the Corona Virus has impacted almost everyone in one way or another. From school and event closings to toilet paper and food shortages, this pandemic has changed how many people traverse their day-to-day lives. Although this ...

Corona Phishing Alert

During times of disaster, tragedy, and chaos, we always see an increase in the number of phishing attacks targeting small businesses. While we have yet seen anything specifically targeting our current situation, be assured that it will happen.
A phishing ...

Is Your Business Ready For COVID-19?

In January the World Health Organization declared the outbreak of a new coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in China to be a Public Health Emergency of International Concern. They also stated that there was a high risk of COVID-19 spreading to other ...

Mozilla DoH - Making Tracking For ISPs More Difficult

Mozilla is moving ahead with its controversial DNS-over-HTTPS (DoH) feature that has been lobbied against by many across both the United States and the United Kingdom. DoH creates an additional layer of encryption to your internet traffic, making it more ...

Attacking Small Businesses

A recent study of 592 U.S. companies found that 76% of them had experienced a cyberattack over the course of the last year. This number was up considerably from the 63% that reported an attack in 2017.

Protecting Your Business

Due to the integration of technology within our world today, we are constantly bombarded by news of vulnerabilities found to have been active for years while we use various services. Unfortunately, all these services are created by humans, and as ...









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