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3 Reasons You Should Do a Computer Audit


Everyone has a computer at their business.  It's nearly impossible to work without one!   Do you know what is on your computers?  Are you sure?  Here are three reasons to do an audit on all of the computers at your business.

Remove Aggravation

The best reason to do a computer audit is to remove aggravation from your customers, your employees and even yourself.   A good computer audit will check for disk space use, check for clues about failing hard drives, and even whether or not you have installed all the important Windows security updates.  Get rid of the aggravation of hard disk failures, treading water due to a full hard drive, or anger over breaches in security.

Remove Budget Surprises

Another item in a thorough computer audit is the software installed.   Our computer audit tool provides a list of all the software and how many computers are running it.   Help your bottom line, by knowing how many licenses you have and how many you need.   Don't get caught unexpectedly needing to purchase more licenses because you don't have enough valid copies when doing an upgrade.   Also, it provides you an opportunity to save by reviewing who has access to what.  Does the partner's secretary REALLY need access to QuickBooks?   Do ALL your nurses need Photoshop?

Remove Suspicion

If you suspect that their may be some funny business going on during business hours on work computers, this computer might give you a clue.   Odd software that is only on one machine, usage at weird times or oddities could confirm or give pause to any suspicions you might have.   Or help you address something you hadn't suspected at all!

Any way you slice it, there are many benefits to doing a computer audit.   Removing aggravation, budget surprises and suspicion are three important reasons to do a computer audit.   Each one can provide an immediate impact on your business and/or planning.  

Have you ever had a computer audit done?   What were you surprised to discover?


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