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3 Reasons to Pay for Business Email


Everyone loves Google. They are easy to set up, they are everywhere and you can access 20 things with one login.  But all that connectedness and "free" has a price. Here are 3 reasons why it's worth your money to pay for your business email instead of using Gmail.

More Storage

While it may seem like a ton, your 15 GB of storage with Google is shared storage. That means that your photos, emails, and drive documents all take a piece of that storage space. If you frequently send large graphic files or are the type who saves EVERYTHING (guilty), this might not work as well as you hope. Our email service provides 25 GB per email account for your emails. Plus, if you are the type who wants everything saved so if you do accidentally delete something, we have you covered there, too; there is an unlimited archive and recovery option you can add. 

More Privacy

I'm sure everyone knows by this point that you should not email credit cards numbers or other confidential information through email. That stops no one. Even I'm guilty of not being as careful as I should be. If your customers regularly send confidential information via email or discuss private topics, I would really consider using  paid email. Google scans you email messages. Have you ever wondered how the ads on your account are never out of whack or how they are so good at classifying things as spam, important or unimportant?

More Help

Paying for your business email can also get you more help. I've never needed to talk to someone at Google, but if I do, I'm chalking it up as a lost cause. The best part about paying for your business email is that you can actually talk to a person. If you are really lucky, you've gone through a local company and will talk to people in the US. Even better than that, they are usually people who know what they are talking about! That alone is worth paying for. Have you ever thought to yourself that you would be willing to pay $$ if you could just get someone who knew what was going on and could fix it? I have!

So while it is tempting, especially when money is tight, to use a free service like Google's Gmail for your business email, it would be wise to consider what your "Free" service is costing you. It could be things like privacy, time and frustration due to a lack of support, or simply space to store your data.  

If you pay for your email, is it a company who specializes in email or is it packaged with another service?




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