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2 (BIG!) Benefits of Having a Network Audit Done


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Due to the Syrian geo-political climate, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has deemed October as National Cyber Security Awareness Month.   Their fear is that hackers stand poised to attack the US where it hurts -- our pocketbook.  Whether or not, you agree with their reasoning for creating National Cyber Security Awareness Month, it's still a good time to look at the security of your network.    Here are two (BIG) benefits your company will get from having a network audit done.

Peace of Mind

With all the stresses involved in just getting the business to run profitably and keep your customers happy, a network audit can provide peace of mind when you have a plan in place in case of a cyber attack.   If you communicate this to your staff, customers and vendors, it will help give all the stakeholders peace of mind.   How much nicer would it be to just implement a plan than to have everyone clamoring at you while you figure out how to fix it?    Can you even put a dollar amount on how much that might be worth?

The Bottom Line

Even if you CAN put a dollar amount on your peace of mind, having a network audit can help you pinch your pennies as well.    A good network audit can prevent you from being penny-wise and pound-foolish, as it were.    The network audit can help identify problems that can cost you, both on the physical level as well as on the virtual level.  Physical problems might include things like failing drives, or even outright theft of machines.   Virtual problems could be anything from viruses to data vulnerabilities.  

Knowing these problems in advance can help you plan out your budget so that you can take advantage of computer deals or even just help to protect you from a lawsuit.   Stay tuned -- we have some strategic planning tips in the coming months that will help you address some of these issues!    

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