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Humans cause so much trouble
March 20, 2018

Have you been focusing on software packages and anti-virus tools to protect your data from hacking?


Data regulation and our business: You are probably regulated these laws
March 14, 2018

Small firms are probably aware that there are laws regulating the handling of data, but they probably assume that these apply only to larger firms and that they are too small to have any data that is worthwhile or protected under state/provincial or federal laws.


How the cloud saves smaller firms money
March 8, 2018

You pay someone to store all of your data in the cloud, as opposed to keeping it on your own server and backing it up.


The Cloud: Are there security issues?
March 1, 2018

For many, the idea of offloading their data to another physical/virtual location can seem like a security risk.

Tips on how to upgrade your desktops
October 25, 2017

Today, I want to talk about a small business dilemma, the cascading computer upgrade. We’re often asked if we could do upgrades and kind of a prime example would be the owner needs a new computer but his computer is in pretty good shape. 

Tech tip- What is that cricket chirp I hear?
October 18, 2017

If your computer started sounding like a cricket chirping, it usually means something bad has happened. Typically, it means that the battery or the UPS...

Productivity and security, browser addons
October 11, 2017

Today, I want to talk about what I use for a web browser and some of the add-ons for protection. I use Google Chrome and I like Google Chrome only because it’s quick and it’s quick and easy to install. 

Business tip- Join a peer group
October 4, 2017

I joined a peer group a little over a year ago. And, what’s a peer group? So, a peer group is peer group and its coaching or having a business coach. So, I have a business coach or somebody who has a vast amount of knowledge...

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