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BYOD: Why is This Concept So Attractive to Employees?
September 6, 2018

Bring Your Own Device, or BYOD, to work was an idea a few years ago that is becoming a reality very fast.


IT Defense in Depth Part II
July 31, 2018

In our last blog we started talking about the different layers of security necessary to fully defend your data and business integrity. Today we will look at the human aspect of it, and network defenses.


Is Your Website Mobile Optimized
July 6, 2018

Smaller firms often struggle just to keep up with maintaining a website.


Security and your smart device
July 5, 2016

Often I get asked, “I use my phone/tablet/smart device to do much of my banking, can’t I just do that?” To which I respond, “If you are using an apple product.” 

October 23, 2013

In my most recent newsletter from David Allen at Getting Things Done, I noticed that they releas

New Apple Announcements -- What they Mean for You
September 13, 2013

Earlier this week, Apple made several announcements that mean great things for your business.

Cross Platform GTD App -
May 14, 2013

Last month, I shared with you a view of my favorite personal productivity book - Getting Things Done.    Prior to sharing that book with you, I had decided to get back on the full GTD bandwagon -- reviews and all.   I just had TOO MUCH to do and keep track of and things were falling through the cracks.  I tend to work everywhere and anywhere I find a few spare moments, leaving me with quite the problem. 

Secure Your Data In Case Your Smartphone is Lost or Stolen
February 14, 2013

In this age when people have gotten rid of traditional telephones, losing your phone can be devastating, especially since many have photos and other information on them.   It's even worse, however, when you lose the smartphone that you use for work!   There are many apps on your phone and while most have some level of security, the finder has all day to try to hack into to everything -- your email, bank accounts, work computers, and more! So how do you secure your data in case your smartphone is lost or stolen?  

Look! I just patented a rectangle with round corners!
November 28, 2012

I've always wanted a patent!   Had I known that all I had to do was patent a SHAPE, I would have done it years ago. If you haven't already heard, Apple just received a patent for a portable display device with rounded corners.

Mobile devices - a security plague!
May 18, 2012

 It's official, mobile devices are a security plague!  Like an army of zombies descending upon business to cause wreck and ruin.   From a McAfee survey released in December 2011, here are the gruesome details:

Can a lost phone put you out of business?
May 16, 2012

What would happen if you lost your phone?  Businesses are being damaged daily by Internet security threats.  Bank accounts are being emptied, trade secrets are being lost, data is being destroyed.  One of the single largest threats to a company are the smart phones being carried in everyone's pocket.  These phones are a literal gateway into the heart of the business.  Lets look at the information that is available on most smart phones.

Free Iphone, Ipad, Android applications for your business.
April 27, 2012

I'm frequently asked about iphone, ipad, and android apps, and how to have them created.  I have come across a very cool site called appsbar.  Appsbar allows you to create applications for all of the major mobile and tablet operating systems FOR FREE.