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Stay Secure My Friend... More Hackers Targeting SMBs
January 17, 2019

Many SMBs don’t realize it, but the path to some grand cybercrime score of a lifetime may go right through their backdoor.

Traverse City businesses need enhanced security to protect their customers
November 6, 2018

We at ACS recently had our credit card stolen. Everyone knows that this is a hassle, but for us it’s a costly hassle. This card is primarily used to pay recurring payments to close to a dozen vendors. This means that when the card is stolen it takes hours of staff time to setup our payments with our vendors. What is interesting about this situation is that we had the card stolen shortly after doing something we rarely do, using the card at a local vendor.

SMBs: It is Hackers v. You - Don't Let Them Score
September 12, 2018

Selling stolen IDs and other personal data is a lucrative trade for hackers.