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3 More Mistakes Rookies Make In PowerPoint
October 29, 2013

Several weeks ago, I shared several mistakes rookies make when making presentations in PowerPoint.   I had come up with such a long list that I decided to write another post.   Here are 3 MORE mistakes people make in PowerPoint presentations. 

3 Mistakes Rookies Make in PowerPoint {Easy Office Productivity Tip}
September 30, 2013

So you have a presentation to make.  Maybe it's a new customer or maybe you've been asked to speak at a professional group or conference.   Since many people are visual learners it makes sense to have a PowerPoint presentation. 

Easy Office Productivity Tip - Make Your Own Business PowerPoint Templates
April 16, 2013

At some point almost every business will need to make a presentation & most of the time, it's best to have slides.  It can be incredibly easy to get sucked into spending more time on the design of the presentation than the content that you put into it.