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3 Reasons to Pay for Business Email
October 7, 2014

Everyone loves Google. They are easy to set up, they are everywhere and you can access 20 things with one login.  But all that connectedness and "free" has a price. Here are 3 reasons why it's worth your money to pay for your business email instead of using Gmail.

Do You Like It When People Read Over Your Shoulder?
November 20, 2013

Do nosy people make you crazy?  Eavesdroppers?  People at the airport looking at your computer screen? So do I.  But its not just annoying.  People reading over your shoulder can be a security-risk, too.  From passwords to bank information, snoops can view your data.   For your personal account, who cares?  So you have a tech shopping addiction.

The REAL Cost of Web Hosting
September 11, 2013

So you get or renew your business's internet contract and your sales guy tells you that for only x dollars more, he can host your website and email, too.   "Well, heck yeah, sign me up!" you think.  "That's way cheaper than paying for the service by itself." 

Web Productivity Tip - Using Your Domain in Gmail
July 18, 2013

I don't know if you are like me or not, but I like to keep things in separate boxes as much as possible.   I don't like to make business phone calls when I'm playing with my kids and I don't like to answer business email when I'm talking to my sister-in-law. 

Getting an Online Presence for Your Small Business - Part II
November 14, 2012

A few weeks ago, we looked at ways to get your small business online via a website, Facebook and Twitter and I promised to share a little about Pinterest, FourSquare and online business listings.

Getting an Online Presence for Your Small Business
October 17, 2012

Is your business online?   Can you be found in a Google search?   Are you on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Four-Squared?   If not, you could be missing out on a big source of customers for your company.