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NPO's and volunteer security nightmare
May 4, 2018

Not-for-profits have an unusual issue regarding security. Firms that have trained, paid full-time employees have a strong level of control over the actions of their workers.


Did you know Microsoft bought LinkedIn?
July 26, 2016

I awoke one day in early June to learn that Microsoft bought LinkedIn. I will tell you the news surprised me a little. I’m not sure why my initial reaction was surprise, however as the news settled in I came to grips with my surprise.

Office 365 and eDiscovery
June 7, 2016

For our Lawyer friends, this little bit of information may make your life a bit easier. ACS has a long tradition of working with the legal market. Our experience includes consulting and working with lawyers at trial. As well as providing security and ongoing IT management for thier firm networks

Server 2003 End of Life - Are You Ready?
October 14, 2014


Another Microsoft Product is reaching the end of it's life.  Instead of it being Windows XP, this time it's Microsoft Server 2003.   As of July 2015, Microsoft will no longer be providing support.   Are you ready?

Be More Effective on Windows 8 With A Few Simple Keystrokes
December 17, 2013

Are you having trouble navigating Windows 8?   Learn to be more efficient with a few simpl

Windows XP Will No Longer Be Supported after 4/2014. Are You Ready?
November 19, 2013

As of 4/8/2014, Windows XP will no longer be supported by Microsoft.   Is your business re

3 More Mistakes Rookies Make In PowerPoint
October 29, 2013

Several weeks ago, I shared several mistakes rookies make when making presentations in PowerPoint.   I had come up with such a long list that I decided to write another post.   Here are 3 MORE mistakes people make in PowerPoint presentations. 

3 Mistakes Rookies Make in PowerPoint {Easy Office Productivity Tip}
September 30, 2013

So you have a presentation to make.  Maybe it's a new customer or maybe you've been asked to speak at a professional group or conference.   Since many people are visual learners it makes sense to have a PowerPoint presentation. 

53 Useful Excel Tips for Businesses
August 13, 2013

Microsoft Excel is such a powerhouse for small business that I find two things happen when I try to share tips on it.  First, that everyone uses it differently because it is so versatile.  Second, that because there are so many ways to use it, I have a hard time narrowing down what I want to share.   So today, I've decided to share a round up of the best tricks and tips from around the web for Microsoft Excel.  

5 Tips for Creating Budgets in Excel
June 13, 2013

Budget season may be long gone, but if you work for a large, corporate environment, you are probably already starting to think about next budget season already.   If you are working for yourself, or are in a smaller business, this is probably a good time to review and rework the budget for the remainder of the year. 

Easy Office Productivity Tip - 5 Tips for Long Word Documents
May 28, 2013

Many times you are just creating short documents in Word.  But what about those longer documents, like multiple page quotes or even books or manuals? Here are 5 tips for navigating in long Word Documents easier.

Easy Office Productivity Tip - Make Your Own Business PowerPoint Templates
April 16, 2013

At some point almost every business will need to make a presentation & most of the time, it's best to have slides.  It can be incredibly easy to get sucked into spending more time on the design of the presentation than the content that you put into it. 

Exchange Migration Tips - From Your Own Servers to Hosted Exchange
April 9, 2013

The dollar for dollar benefits of switching from having your own MS Exchange Servers to a hosted exchange solution may appear to be easy.    You could spend $1000's for new servers and updated software every few years in addition to needing someone to maintain it.   Or you could spend a fraction of that monthly and not have to worry.  

Are you paying Microsoft for your Logmein access?
May 3, 2012

Apparently accessing the PC you own, with software you own means that you should be paying Microsoft some more.  From Microsoft's Ross Brown, vice president of solution partners and independent software vendors in Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group