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Cyber Crime and Security for SMB's
May 16, 2018

Did you know the illicit trading of personal data was worth $3.88 billion last year?

Data regulation and our business: You are probably regulated these laws
March 14, 2018

Small firms are probably aware that there are laws regulating the handling of data, but they probably assume that these apply only to larger firms and that they are too small to have any data that is worthwhile or protected under state/provincial or federal laws.


The quest to find the businesses who need me
September 13, 2016

I look at sales as a process by which I try my hardest to communicate with people who need my services. I'm not really selling anything other than a way to fix someone's problem. With that said, it's a real challenge to get before everyone when they need you. That's why I'm working really hard at getting better at putting my business in front of the right people, at the right time.

Office 365 and eDiscovery
June 7, 2016

For our Lawyer friends, this little bit of information may make your life a bit easier. ACS has a long tradition of working with the legal market. Our experience includes consulting and working with lawyers at trial. As well as providing security and ongoing IT management for thier firm networks

Ransomware is a constant threat
May 27, 2016

Ransomware is a real threat to both businesses and consumers.

Social Media Shares - Best of 2014 for Law Firms
October 16, 2014

Did you know that we find the best information about running your law firm share them on social media?   Think of it as your own personal super efficient MBA taylored to your business :).

Secure PDF's for Lawyers
October 31, 2013

Short on time?   The ABA's Law Practice Division, just released a new book - Adobe Ac

Technology Tips for Law Firm Management From Advanced Computer Solutions {Press Release}
October 2, 2013

Advanced Computer Solutions, a leading provider of simple & effective business solutions for small to medium businesses and law firms, offered an educational seminar to Traverse City area lawyers & law firms on technology tips for law firm management after the ABA TechShow 2013(R).

Law Offices of Edward M Turfe {Customer Spotlight}
September 27, 2013

We are so excited to share one of our newest clients, Turfe Law.  Mr. Turfe is a lawyer special

Our Favorite Cloud LPM, Clio Has Partnered with Xero
September 4, 2013

Xero and Clio Partner to Seamlessly Bring Complete Legal Practices Into the Cloud SAN FRANCISC

Social Media For Lawyers {Social Media Minute}
August 22, 2013

Is your law firm on social media?  Do you have an account on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+?   If so, do you have a plan? I ran across this great article -- Social Media for Law Firms.  

Rosi & Gardner PC {Customer Spotlight}
July 25, 2013

We are excited to announce another law firm that has entrusted their IT work to us -- Rosi &

Opening A New Office - Software in the Cloud
July 16, 2013

When opening a new office, it seems obvious that you need software.  But, do you really?   Do you really need to go to Staples and buy a bunch of CD's to install on your machine?   How will you keep track of all th0se CD's and license codes?   And what if you are not at the office? 

Opening A New Office - Postage & Faxes
June 25, 2013

Of all the things that are considered when setting up a new office, postage and faxing are probably near the bottom of the list of things to think about.  So why am I mentioning it?   Well, there are more efficient and technology-based ways to handle all both of these common tasks.

ABA TechShow 2013 Review {PowerPoint}
June 18, 2013

Last month, we held a seminar recap of the 2013 ABA TechShow.  If you were unable to attend, here are the slides from our presentation of that event. 

Opening A New Office - Computers & Mobile Devices
May 9, 2013

Among the least forgotten items to consider when opening a new office, are computers and mobile devices.   While they are the easiest to remember because they are used daily, it is a component that is often overlooked as to its importance.   Buying a new computer is not as easy as running down to the nearest big box store and picking one off the shelf.  

EVENT: ABA Techshow(R) 2013 Recap
May 7, 2013

There is still time to register for our ABA TechShow(R) 2013 Recap seminar! Visit 

Jay Zelenock Law Firm PLC {Customer Spotlight}
May 2, 2013

This month, I'm excited to feature Jay Zelenock Law Firm PLC.   We were very happy to help with his

Advanced Computer Solutions Offers ABA Tech Show Summary for Area Law Firms (Press Release)
April 25, 2013

Advanced Computer Solutions, a leading provider of simple & effective business solutions for sma

Opening Your New Office - Your Minimum Online Presence - Web & Email Hosting
April 23, 2013

Whenever you are opening a new office or business, it is essential that you remember to include your online presence when planning your business needs.   The two most important pieces of your online presence are a website and email account. 

Press Release - Advanced Computer Solutions Adds to their Legal Expertise Arsenal
April 11, 2013

Advanced Computer Solutions, a leading provider of simple & effective business solutions for la

Mobile Access For Lawyers
April 2, 2013

Over the last month or two, Albert & I have been discussing specialization of mobile access & devices.   So we have a question for you --   As a lawyer, which type of mobile OS are you more likely to want to use?

Technology for Lawyers - 2013 Conferences
March 5, 2013

We have been looking into several legal conferences that center around technology and running your business better. 

Miller Emury PLLC {Customer Spotlight}
February 21, 2013

We are extremely pleased to be able to introduce one of our newest clients, Miller Embury P

7 Reasons Why Clio is Better For Legal Billing Than What You Use Now
February 5, 2013

Most law firms run their billing systems on their desktop computers.    Once upon a time, I had gotten training in using Timeslips and was helping a lawyer get his monthly billing out.    It was SLOW.   The database that a time-based billing system uses is HUGE!    There is a much more effective way to bill for your time -- enter Clio.   

Advanced Computer Solutions Specializes in Technology for New Michigan Law Offices
October 31, 2012

Advanced Computer Solutions Specializes in Technology for New Michigan Law Offices TRAVERSE CITY --

Three Things to Think About Before Opening A New Law Office
October 3, 2012

Opening a new office or moving to a new location is a LOT of work.   There are so many bits and pieces to keep track of!   Here are some tips to think about before you open a new law office or decide to move.

Customer Spotlight: Ringsmuth Wuori PLC
September 26, 2012

Customer Spotlight: Ringsmuth Wuori PLC We are excited to share with you one of our n

Pleased to announce new client - Zimmerman Long
June 19, 2012

Advanced Computer Solutions is pleased to announce our newest client, Zimmerman Long Law firm. We

Legal assistants, adding calendar events via outlook by the number of days they are to take place.
May 21, 2012

In the world of lawyers and the law there is often a need to establish events that happen after a certain number of days.  In 30 days file this, or in 60 days this needs to be done.  Now this doesn't happen too often in my world. 

ACS to attend the 2012 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit!
May 4, 2012

We will be in Scottsdale Arizona to attend the 2012 Ingram Micro Cloud Summit.  This summit brings