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Why More SMBs are Turning to the Cloud to Reduce TCO
February 5, 2019

More small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) seem to be taking the initiative to learn more about the benefits of the cloud.

53 Useful Excel Tips for Businesses
August 13, 2013

Microsoft Excel is such a powerhouse for small business that I find two things happen when I try to share tips on it.  First, that everyone uses it differently because it is so versatile.  Second, that because there are so many ways to use it, I have a hard time narrowing down what I want to share.   So today, I've decided to share a round up of the best tricks and tips from around the web for Microsoft Excel.  

5 Tips for Creating Budgets in Excel
June 13, 2013

Budget season may be long gone, but if you work for a large, corporate environment, you are probably already starting to think about next budget season already.   If you are working for yourself, or are in a smaller business, this is probably a good time to review and rework the budget for the remainder of the year. 

Top 5 Tips for Microsoft Excel
February 12, 2013

Looking to be able to use MS Excel more efficiently?   The Office Blog has compiled a list of the Top 5 Posts about Excel in 2012.    Among the tips you can learn?