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Social Media Shares - Best of 2014 For Medical Practices

October 28, 2014


We have found some awesome articles about how technology can help improve your medical practice.  Did you know we share the best articles about your business and technology on social media every day?   Check out the awesome that we've shared so far this year!



Educate Your Patients with Apps - @profitpractice


You have data -- so what? Visualize your #medicalpractice's data -- via @mgma


A Lean Intro To Lean #healthcare. Is it for your practice? via @greenbranch -


Two quick & easy ways to update your social media presence -- via @mgma


Mobile Access & Cloud Use Top the List of #EHRTrends -


Using Technology to build a patient centered practice - #medical


Provoke your customers, clients & patients. Go on, give it a try --


Patient Reviews Online - stop them in their tracks


6 Reasons email is great for patient marketing via @GoKareo -



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