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Do You Like It When People Read Over Your Shoulder?

November 20, 2013

Google Chrome  

Do nosy people make you crazy?  Eavesdroppers?  People at the airport looking at your computer screen? So do I.  But its not just annoying.  People reading over your shoulder can be a security-risk, too.  From passwords to bank information, snoops can view your data.   For your personal account, who cares?  So you have a tech shopping addiction.

But did you ever think about how Google ads are so effective? The more you use them, the more they can read over. your. shoulder.   Emails, Google+, web searches.   It's all being read by Google.  So if you have confidential data, do you really want to use Google's email?   Only you can decide, but I just wanted to provide food for thought.  

Do you answer work emails via Google?

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