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Legal assistants, adding calendar events via outlook by the number of days they are to take place.

May 21, 2012

In the world of lawyers and the law there is often a need to establish events that happen after a certain number of days.  In 30 days file this, or in 60 days this needs to be done.  Now this doesn't happen too often in my world.  I usually have calendar deadlines, get this done by July 12th. So how does a legal assistant establish events by the number of days in the future.  Or more accurately how do you EASILY set these days??? Well here is one way of doing it. While within outlook hold down the control key and press g (ctrl g).  This should bring up  the go to date dialogue box. To set an event 60 days into the future enter it into this dialogue as follows - Pressing okay will bring the calendar to the date 60 days out from the current day.  If you need to go out from a specific date in the past or future, such as 60 days after August 8th you can enter something like this - I hope these hints make you more productive!