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Evernote - Private, and thats good!

May 14, 2012

I'm a heavy user of Evernote.  I will document how I use later, but in an effort to keep the world up to speed on all the fascinating things I read, here is an article on how Evernote is attempting to stay private for an extended period of time. I find this reassuring.  I love the fact that they are focusing on getting their product right before they cash in.  This is good for users, and in theory the company in the long run. What I see as an issue, however, is that delaying the IPO for an extended period of time allows for everyone to work to copy, or improve upon your product, and (as I was often told my an old friend) get your lunch eaten by the competition.  As a user, I don't care if this happens, as a matter of fact, Evernote being destroyed by a better product is probably a good thing.  As a business man looking at it, I would be really nervous about execution for an extended period of time before my big payoff! Lets hope the folks at Evernote keep improving the product and keep making my life better!  In the end its good for both of us!