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Improve employee morale with this simple tip.
December 11, 2018

Improve employee morale and reduce network problems with this simple tip.

Don’t assume because you’re in Northern Michigan you’re safe from phishing or scamming
August 21, 2018

On the internet you are nothing more than an IP address (, Facebook profile, LinkedIn profile, or a name on a website. Scammers don’t know or care that Traverse City is a small town. Scammers don’t know or care that you are only “a small business.”

Severe Vulnerability for HP Inkjet Printers
August 7, 2018

HP announced a severe vulnerability for 166 models of HP inkjet printers. By severe, they describe it as “9.8 out of 10” on the CVSS 3.0 Base Metrics.  The full list of affected printers can be found here.

5 reasons why you should buy a business grade computer for your business.
August 6, 2018

Periodically I like to review the consumer retailers and what they offer for PC’s, laptops, and other consumer devices. I do this, so I can stay on top of all the options available for my clients. I want to make sure I can best guide my clients in making the best business decisions regarding IT.

How much does downtime cost your business?
July 16, 2018

Business owners must make a lot of decisions. One of the most important decision is how much do I need to invest in my business to keep it at maximum profitability. It’s very difficult to make good decisions if we don’t have good data.

60% Of Business Fail After Ransomware Infection
July 13, 2018

Ransomware (or cryptolocker) are the most dangerous viruses ever created for small businesses.

4 reasons you will never be secure using your Mirotik, Netgear, Linksys or other consumer grade devices.
July 2, 2018

4 reasons you will never be secure using your Mirotik, Netgear, Linksys or other consumer grade devices.

The VPNFilter vulnerability has opened a lot of eyes to the world of network security. The very thought that a foreign governments military has complete access to our internet life is terrifying. The ramifications of the vulnerability are real, stolen data, stolen identities, theft, and fraud. It should really be no surprise that the VPNFilter vulnerability exists, and here are the reasons why.

Tech tip- What is that cricket chirp I hear?
October 18, 2017

If your computer started sounding like a cricket chirping, it usually means something bad has happened. Typically, it means that the battery or the UPS...

Productivity and security, browser addons
October 11, 2017

Today, I want to talk about what I use for a web browser and some of the add-ons for protection. I use Google Chrome and I like Google Chrome only because it’s quick and it’s quick and easy to install. 

The value of your businesses data.
June 12, 2017

Today I want to talk about the value of your data.

13 Stats that should concern you about Cyber Security awareness.
May 29, 2017

The Pew Research Center, located in Washington D.C., is an organization that studies many issues facing Americans to provide information that informs us on topics such as politics, policy, Internet, science, technology, religion, and more. Recently they released a report titled: “What the public knows about cyber security.”

How Real is a Ransomware Attack Threat?
May 22, 2017

“Have you heard about the lonesome loser? He’s a loser but he still keeps on trying!” The Little River Band made these lyrics famous in 1979. But as great a song as that was, today I want to talk about data loss and how we keep trying and keep losing the battle.

So, you’re thinking of managing your own network security.
May 16, 2017

Many business owners wear more hats than can usually be considered safe. They are often managers, supervisors, trainers, accountants, bookkeepers, maintenance, drivers, and all too often IT support. There’s an old adage that goes: “he who is a Jack of all trades is a master of none” and that holds especially true in the IT support and security world.

Phishing isn’t about Trout Season Opening Day
May 9, 2017

A new Pew Research Center survey titled "What the Public Knows About Cybersecurity” revealed some startling statistics about how little most Americans know about cybersecurity. While most Americans understand the need for strong passwords and know public Wi-Fi hotspots are not very secure, a surprisingly low number of respondents to this survey were able to explain what phishing is or how to determine whether the website they are about to put the credit card info into is secure.

Ransomware!!! Run for the hills! (not really, but you should concern yourself about this.)
September 6, 2016

Having your business data, all of your business data, become worthless over night is a real problem. Ransomware does just that. This problem however is becoming more of a problem. The BBC reports "'Alarming' rise in ransoware tracked".


Email security is important
August 9, 2016

Ars Technica has a fascinating article around Hillary Clinton and her Email woes as Secretary of State. During her time, she struggled to get through the spam filters at the State Department. 

Did you know Microsoft bought LinkedIn?
July 26, 2016

I awoke one day in early June to learn that Microsoft bought LinkedIn. I will tell you the news surprised me a little. I’m not sure why my initial reaction was surprise, however as the news settled in I came to grips with my surprise.

BBC declares “Huge spam and malware network goes offline” what does that mean for us?
July 12, 2016

It doesn’t mean much. The article (click here to read) lets us know that the “Necurs botnet” has gone silent. This particular botnet happened to be distributing the worst kind of virus, Trojans and ransomware. The botnet actually went silent for about 3 weeks. Then it came back, with a vengeance (click here for the update)!

Security and your smart device
July 5, 2016

Often I get asked, “I use my phone/tablet/smart device to do much of my banking, can’t I just do that?” To which I respond, “If you are using an apple product.” 

Why do we recommend managed security for everyone?
May 26, 2016

I can hear you saying it "I only check my email, do some banking and read the New York Times, the free virus protection I have on my computer should work just fine!" I'm here to tell you, YOUR WRONG.

IT Certifications - Are They Necessary?
November 27, 2013

I recently read an article about the Top 10 Cloud Computing Certifications -- where they are and how to get them.    I wonder, though, how useful certifications really are. I've worked in the tech/IT field since I was 18 years old -- about 15 years now.   And I've gotten certifications.  In fact, I hold the CloudU certificate above. 

Do You Like It When People Read Over Your Shoulder?
November 20, 2013

Do nosy people make you crazy?  Eavesdroppers?  People at the airport looking at your computer screen? So do I.  But its not just annoying.  People reading over your shoulder can be a security-risk, too.  From passwords to bank information, snoops can view your data.   For your personal account, who cares?  So you have a tech shopping addiction.

What Does Free REALLY Cost?
October 11, 2013

The other day, I read an article on FutureLawyer that I read to see if it was worth sharing -- The Frugal Lawyer- Free Software That You Can Use.   In it, he links to an article in PC World article listing free software for everything from malware & antivirus to recording software.  

GTD for Evernote {Book Review}
June 6, 2013

While researching different ways to Get(ting) Things Done (GTD), I stumbled across a book that struck my interest since we are big fans & users of Evernote:  Evernote: The Unofficial Guide to Capturing Everything and Getting Things Done.   I emailed Mr. Gold who was gracious enough to send a copy so that I could review it and share it with you.

Mobile Access For Lawyers
April 2, 2013

Over the last month or two, Albert & I have been discussing specialization of mobile access & devices.   So we have a question for you --   As a lawyer, which type of mobile OS are you more likely to want to use?

What Did YOU Miss in 2012?
January 9, 2013

There was so much going on in technology in 2012 that it's nearly impossible to keep up on it all while you are trying to run your business!   Luckily, end of the year posts abound in December and January and Harry McCrackin at Time Magazine

Look! I just patented a rectangle with round corners!
November 28, 2012

I've always wanted a patent!   Had I known that all I had to do was patent a SHAPE, I would have done it years ago. If you haven't already heard, Apple just received a patent for a portable display device with rounded corners.

The trouble with Email Newsletters
May 14, 2012

As a person who has fought spam for his entire adult life, I really have trouble creating email news letters. Its not that it is actually spam, it really isn't. It just doesn't feel right putting more email into peoples in-boxes without having a REALLY good reason. 

Evernote - Private, and thats good!
May 14, 2012

I'm a heavy user of Evernote.  I will document how I use later, but in an effort to keep the world up to speed on all the fascinating things I read, here is an article on how Evernote is attempting to stay private for an extended period of time.

Grit and Success
May 7, 2012

I found this article and the enclosed video to be very fascinating. The people who get stuff done, who do great things are a treasure for our society. Learning about the traits that make people accomplish great things is extremely important for societies further growth. 

Are you paying Microsoft for your Logmein access?
May 3, 2012

Apparently accessing the PC you own, with software you own means that you should be paying Microsoft some more.  From Microsoft's Ross Brown, vice president of solution partners and independent software vendors in Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Group