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ACS Blog Archives for May 2018
NPO's and volunteer security nightmare
May 4, 2018

Not-for-profits have an unusual issue regarding security. Firms that have trained, paid full-time employees have a strong level of control over the actions of their workers.


Security and your sub-contractors
May 10, 2018

So you feel relatively comfortable that you have created cyber security around your data and your employees are trained to avoid security errors in their day-to-day business ( a MAJOR source of security breaches, by the way.)


Cyber Crime and Security for SMB's
May 16, 2018

Did you know the illicit trading of personal data was worth $3.88 billion last year?

Government regulations
May 25, 2018

Any business that stores customer payment information must comply with a number of state and federal regulations.

Security issue all should be aware of
May 29, 2018

Recently a massive security issue has been brought to light. The issue is known as the ‘VPNFilter’ vulnerability. The main reason this vulnerability is important is because it allows criminals to harvest your online credentials (your username and password.) This means your banking credentials, or any other online service you use is at risk.

Higher goals get dragged down by Tech: The NPO story
May 31, 2018

If you are a smaller Not-for-Profit, it is likely that your organization has been driven from its inception by individuals strongly motivated with a passion for their cause or humanitarian goal.