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Jay Zelenock Law Firm PLC {Customer Spotlight}
May 2, 2013

This month, I'm excited to feature Jay Zelenock Law Firm PLC.   We were very happy to help with his

EVENT: ABA Techshow(R) 2013 Recap
May 7, 2013

There is still time to register for our ABA TechShow(R) 2013 Recap seminar! Visit 

Opening A New Office - Computers & Mobile Devices
May 9, 2013

Among the least forgotten items to consider when opening a new office, are computers and mobile devices.   While they are the easiest to remember because they are used daily, it is a component that is often overlooked as to its importance.   Buying a new computer is not as easy as running down to the nearest big box store and picking one off the shelf.  

Cross Platform GTD App -
May 14, 2013

Last month, I shared with you a view of my favorite personal productivity book - Getting Things Done.    Prior to sharing that book with you, I had decided to get back on the full GTD bandwagon -- reviews and all.   I just had TOO MUCH to do and keep track of and things were falling through the cracks.  I tend to work everywhere and anywhere I find a few spare moments, leaving me with quite the problem. 

The Cloud Doesn't Equal Zero Maintenance
May 16, 2013

To a lot of people, there is a perception that putting your data on the cloud means you don't have to do anything to it or with it unless you need it. 

Memorial Day
May 21, 2013

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Arlington National Cemetary (Photo credit: Wikipedia

Easy Office Productivity Tip - 5 Tips for Long Word Documents
May 28, 2013

Many times you are just creating short documents in Word.  But what about those longer documents, like multiple page quotes or even books or manuals? Here are 5 tips for navigating in long Word Documents easier.

Top 5 FREE Android Apps for Working Anywhere
May 30, 2013

With the coming of summer, Albert & I are working hard on getting our own mobile & work anywhere solutions set up and running.   I am preparing for the arrival of a new baby which has an impact on both our schedules and productivity.  Not only that, but one of the benefits of being an entrepreneur is that during the summer, we can take a random day off.