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3 Awesome Features Included in the ACS VOIP Phone System

March 25, 2014

awesome-features-voip-phone So last week I shared 3 Necessary & Easy to Use Features included in the ACS VOIP phone system.     This week, I have 3 awesome premium features that are standard with every ACS VOIP phone system.  

1.   A 10-Person Conference Bridge

How awesome is that?    I remember regularly having to set up conference bridges when I was employed and it wasn't cheap!   Included with your ACS VOIP phone system is the ability to set up an extension for conference calls that up to 10 people can participate on.  If you are holding a conference, you can even record the whole thing (for an additional fee).     And like the rest of the features, it's super quick and easy to set up!  

2.  Ring Groups (AKA Call Hunt)

Have several people who are able to answer incoming phone calls?   A tech support or customer service group, perhaps?   With Ring Groups, you can set it up so that a particular menu option will ring everyone in the assigned group.    This feature works great when your staff is spread throughout a building (or buildings) and isn't sure when others are around to answer calls.  This helps to ensure your customers calls are being answered.  

3.  Custom Hold Music

With custom hold music, not only can you choose the music that you think would be most soothing (or least offensive) to your customers, but you could even mention products, specials, or even tips while they are on hold.   The possibilities are so endless that one might WANT to put customers on hold.  Almost ;).   What phone system features would you love to have?