Web & Email Hosting

Hate spending time on accounts payable? Looking to simplify? Want to get support for your website from native English speakers? Consider ACS for your web and email hosting!

In addition to taking care of all your computer and technology related needs, ACS can also take care of your web & email related services.    Utilizing off-site cloud technology for your hosting, you can be confident in the fact that your data is not dependent on local weather conditions to function.   

Advanced Computer Solutions can provide your business with the following solutions:

  • Web-site hosting
  • DNS hosting
  • SPAM-filtered email hosting
  • ACS Secure Email
  • Hosted Exchange/Shared Calendar
  • ASP hosting
  • SSL certificates
  • Virtual servers/cloud servers

Web and email hosting was the first product we ever offered when we started our business nearly 15 years ago. We KNOW web and email hosting and we know how and where to go to take care of thorny issues when something goes awry. Your email and website are vital to communicating with your customers and lost emails = lost business. We understand and we can help.

To find out more, please call us at 877.404.8224 or email info@acsapp.com