Backup & Disaster Recovery

What would happen if your computer “died?” Would you be in a panic because of your lost information? Are your files being backed up?   Are you SURE?

ACS helps companies backup and restore their important business files on a daily basis. Sure, you could get “free” data backup on the web. Is it secure?   Is it easy to use? Can you get your files back when you need them?   Who can you call for help?

Don’t leave your important business information up to chance. ACS offers a disaster recovery/backup service that:

  • Flies over the web at lightening quick speeds
  • Provides military-grade protection
  • Covers as much data as necessary
  • Protects your files across Windows, Mac OS or Linux
  • Is HIPAA-ready!

Don’t save your dollars now, only to spend $1000’s later--be ready in case of an emergency! Or even just in case of some over-zealous file cleanup.

Email or call 877-404-8224 for more information about how ACS can help protect your business from a data disaster!